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Entertainment's Swiss Army Knife THIS... is Fard Muhammad

Fard in a suit and cosmic vest

Fard in a suit and cosmic vest

Hey! Welcome of my professional webpage. 
Yes, that is my real hair. 
No, you can’t touch it.
In this page, you’ll see that I’ve
…done some really cool stuff recently.
acted in movies, TV shows, and web media.
worked as a voice-over artist and audio editor.
animated intro sequences and logos using motion graphics and 3D animation.
got the World’s Best Laugh for TV and live comedy album audiences.
performed on stage in many forms, including stand-up comedy, sketch, and improv.
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Headshot by Sarah Elizabeth Larson
Star vest by Cosmic Vests and Ties
Background: Drone photo and tilt-shift effect by Fard Muhammad

Recent News The latest projects and fun things...

April 5, 2023— My 7th intro sequence for the Nostalgia Critic web show has been released with the Critic’s review of Despicable Me and the Minions movies.

This intro is in the style of a classic arcade fighting game’s menu, with each cast member as a selectable character. 

January 19, 2023— The live mobile game show app HQ Trivia was taken over by a bunch of fans of the app some days prior in the hopes of producing new episodes of Trivia and Words. They were looking for a host, and I signed up. On the night of the 19th, I set up a production studio in my apartment and hosted an episode of HQ Trivia that was seen and played directly on the app- complete with graphic design, music, and even cash winnings.  As a fan of the show myself, this was a real treat. The fan response to my hosting was overwhelmingly positive. The video can be seen below. 

We were set up to do a game of HQ Words on January 23, but the people who own the HQ app took back control, and I couldn’t host anymore. Aside from this fan takeover, the app had been dormant for months. If the app becomes entirely defunct, it would be quite possible that I will have been the last host of HQ Trivia.

The 2023 Nostalgia Critic Intro Sequence
Hosting HQ Trivia — January 19, 2023

Photo at Stage 10 at Warner Bros. Studios by Fard Muhammad

Acting and On-Screen Performance The camera likes me.

Trained by Chelltoine Productions and McKay Arts for on-screen acting, I’ve been on-camera for many productions. 

You can see me in movies like Jesus, Bro! and Another Cinema Snob Movie.

I also have the distinction as being the last host (kinda) of the live mobile trivia game HQ Trivia

In online media, I was the co-lead on the ClickHole video 500 lb. Man, where I played one of the “two 250 lb. men” that the 500 lb. man split into. 
The video has garnered over a million views on YouTube, three million views on Twitter, and fourteen million views on Facebook.

Additionally, I am a part of the ensemble for the Nostalgia Critic web series and have made several guest appearances in the web series Atop the Fourth Wall. I have also co-starred and wrote questions for the online game show Pop Quiz Hot Shot.

As a background actor, I can be found in TV shows, including South Side on HBO Max, and the Quantum Leap reboot on NBC.

I’m currently non-union, and I am currently seeking theatrical/commercial representation in Los Angeles.

2023 Acting Demo
Selections from the last HQ Trivia Game
South Side (HBO Max, 2021)
South Side (HBO Max, 2021)
Quantum Leap (NBC, 2023)
Quantum Leap (NBC, 2023)

Still from Jesus Bro, by Walkaway Entertainment

Voice-Over & Audio Editing From Beautiful Downtown Burbank

Trained by Acting Studio Chicago, I’ve lent my dulcet tones and audio editing skills to many projects and roles over the years- including: 

  • Announcer and intro/outro audio producer of the Dennis Miller Option podcast
  • Announcer for the livestreamed talk show IsoLate Night with Scott Rogowsky (using a Bill Wendell impression)
  • Announcer for the livestreamed comedy series Saturday Night Quarantine (using a Don Pardo impression- seen below)
  • One of the on-air live station announcers for MAG-TV, the TV/streaming channel for the Music and Gaming Festival
  • Various roles on the sketch comedy album The Essential Trevor Martin
  • Audio-only performance of station announcer Farris in the analog horror series Winter of ’83
  • Live announcer for the Chicago stand-up comedy showcase The Comedy Bowl with Mona Aburmishan
  • Announcer for other podcasts, including The Bladtcast and Another Day Above Ground
If you’d like to book Fard for VO work, reach out to Big Mouth Talent at 312-421-4400.

Check out the commercial voice-over demo below!
Commercial Voice-Over Demo
Saturday Night Quarantine Intro

Photo by Dave Kresl

Motion Graphics & Video Editing Over 25 years of experience.

I’ve always had a strong interest in motion graphics and title sequences for television and film.

When I was 17, I animated my first computer-generated sequence commemorating the 25th anniversary of Atari. That was followed up two years later with an animation commemorating the 5th anniversary of the Atari Jaguar that was shown at the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, and it was later the subject of a humorous story on the Chicago morning TV show Fox Thing In The Morning.

At 23, I worked as an animator for VisualCast, where I became familiar with working with After Effects. My work for them was shown on huge video billboards across the Chicago area.

Since then, I’ve produced animations for commercials and title sequences that have been shown on many platforms. I’ve also designed logos— including the logos for Chicago Movieoke and The Twin Towers AllianceFor the last several years, I’ve been the animator of the intro sequences to the Nostalgia Critic web series and the logo animation for Channel Awesome. Most recently, I animated and designed the 80s-era TV graphics for the analog horror series Winter of ’83.

Motion Graphics Demo
YouTube playlist of Motion Graphics Work

Intro to the Nostalgia Critic web series
Logo designed by Doug Walker, modeled and animated by Fard Muhammad

World's Best Laugh I've got BLE: Big Laugh Energy.

I have a distinct and ebullient Laugh that has been a welcomed sound for comedians, show producers, and TV audience coordinators. 
The Laugh is heard in over a dozen comedy albums and specials– including:

The Laugh has also been heard on TV shows through the years, including This is Not Happening on Comedy Central, Night Court (2023) on NBC, as well as Sullivan and Son and multiple episodes of Conan on TBSDuring one particular Conan taping, host Conan O’Brien heard the Laugh from the back of his audience during the opening monologue and incorporated as a running gag in the show (as seen in the video below.)

I am working on delivering the Laugh to more comedy specials and television series audiences in the Los Angeles area. If you are a studio audience coordinator, casting company, warm-up comic, or comedy album/special producer looking to add a little “natural sweetener” to your audience responses, feel free to contact me.

Conan O’Brien noticing and featuring The Laugh

Photo at “CAMP: A Comedy Show” taken by Sarah Elizabeth Larson

Stand-Up and On-Stage Performances Enter, stage right.

I’ve performed stand-up comedy in open mics and showcases all over Chicago since 2010- from the Hideout to the legendary Zanies Old Town. I’ve also co-hosted, hosted, and produced comedy shows- including hosting and producing the 2019 and 2023 Music and Gaming Festival’s Comedy Showcases and co-hosting the Late Night Open Mic at The Comedy Bar in Chicago.
Trained in improv and sketch comedy performance by Antoine McKay, I’ve performed with Antoine’s inaugural troupe in two sketch comedy shows, “The Recession of Wisdom” and “Natural Selection: The Burden of Being Alive”, which had some successful runs at the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago.
In addition, I’ve written and performed with the live movie riffing club Down in Front, which performed live MST3K-style commentary on feature-length movies– including Congo, Ghost, The Mummy, Wild Wild West, and Reefer Madness.
Lastly, I’ve hosted movie-scene karaoke (or “Movieoke“) events– from bars to theatres to conventions– for almost a decade. Movieoke is like karaoke except that instead of getting in front of a mic and singing a song, one performs a scene from a movie (with the sound down and the captions on). 
Yes, it is a great idea. You should try it sometime. 
I’ve hosted Movieoke events in venues including the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, MAGFest and MAGLabs in the Washington DC area, and ConBravo! in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. It’s my goal to bring Movieoke to the Los Angeles area after the pandemic subsides.

Zanies photo by Larry Bloom

(More) About Fard Like this whole website wasn't about me to begin with...

I was born and raised in Chicago, IL. I have a bachelors degree in computer science from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and a masters degree in computer graphics from DePaul University. And now, I want to host game shows- putting those degrees to their ultimate potential.
In my spare time, I talk a bit too much about late night TV talk show history, see stand-up comedy performances, perform or host movie-scene karaoke (or Movieoke) events, attend TV tapings, fly camera drones, attend pop culture conventions (possibly hosting comedy or Movieoke events in those conventions), and play all sorts of video games– from classic Atari games, to VR, to my own cabinet of my favorite arcade game, San Francisco Rush 2049.
I live in Los Angeles with my wife and zero cats.

If you wish to contact me for voiceover projects, contact Big Mouth Talent.

I am also looking to get into commercial and acting work, and I am currently seeking a commercial and/or theatrical agent in LA. If you’d like to represent me, let me know!

You can find more of my credits and resumes in the links below.

IMDB | Actors Access | Backstage | Casting Frontier | Casting Networks

Fard Muhammad Headshot

Fard Muhammad Headshot

Headshot by Sarah Elizabeth Larson
CONAN Set Background Photo by Gary Cannon